A downloadable art installation for Windows, macOS, and Linux

'not seeing anything intelligible is the new normal'

- Hito Steyerl

404 recurring is a digital installation designed to accompany a performance held at the Horse Hospital, London, on 15 january 2017. The accompanying audio and text performance explored the impact of censorship and redaction on textual culture.

the installation - a non-referential, redacted, and ultimately 'difficult' space - imagines an impossible environment in which the negative imprint left by what is removed is given form. We do not see what is taken away; instead, we are lacerated and intercut by the invisibility of its absence. Some cases of censorship become public record; others are never vocalized. The title - 404 - refers to the Not Found error message used in Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), as a standard response code used to indicate that the client was unable to communicate with the specified server. It indicates, negatively, an absence; the presence of a withdrawal.

the space is not simply visible; what is seen is accompanied by unseen structural components, objects, and game assets. Deactivated meshes, light probes, and objects intercut and compose the space. The visitor is unaware of these - visually - , yet they comprise a major part of the digital environment that is rendered and executed around them, thus confirming both Steyerl's interest in the unintelligible and Trevor Paglen's concern with machine-to-machine (human-less) speaking, as a language which excludes and yet impacts upon the subject. it's supposed to be difficult to navigate. sorry!

the accompanying screenshots reveal the 'hidden' architecture - of objects and assets - which exist, deactivated, within the installation space.


use W, A, S, D to move and SPACE to jump.

hold SHIFT to run.

more information and accompanying development screens can be found HERE.

Install instructions

download and open the .exe (executable) file.


404 itch.zip 31 MB

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